• Post Challenges To Digital Job Candidates

    Post Challenges To Digital Job Candidates

    If your looking for digital talent you've found your place. ShinyNeedle can be used on any device or browser at your convenience. You also will have the ability to submit a mini-project or question to challenge our talent as part of the process. The easy to use interface is helpful when your managing multiple candidates and job posts. Give us a try today, and we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

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  • Apply Using LinkedIn

    Apply Using LinkedIn

    We're tied into LinkedIn as well. It allows potential digital job candidates to import their information more quickly and easily. It also will present a consistent view of the candidate already seen on their professional social channels.

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  • Present A Job Challenge To Hire

    Present A Job Challenge To Hire

    Our challenge based methodology allows you to challenge our digital talent with a mini-project, question, or point of view request. This helps companies identify who is really interested in working for them specifically, and also who can use their skills to support their specific business. Lastly it gives digital candidates a chance to show their skills live beyond the resume. It's a win win proven method of the hiring process.

    Post A Digital Job

Challenge Based Hiring & Digital

ShinyNeedle focuses on the digital professional. This isn't just the web development professional, but all encompassing across the digital job landscape. Our job hiring process includes a challenge based methodology that puts key job candidate insights into your hands. It's not just about a resume, but understanding how a future candidate takes action for your business.

The ShinyNeedle.com internal algorithm and challenge based methodology simply works. Although optional you'll have the opportunity to submit a challenge (mini-project, question, or small proposal) along with your digital job post. You can then see how they perform against your specific business. This can all be added as you post your job.

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